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Being pregnant and preparing for motherhood can be one of the most fulfilling and exciting times in a woman's life, but struggling with addiction while pregnant can be an overwhelming burden that jeopardizes mom and baby.  Despite the many myths, both intermittent and sustained substance use during pregnancy can impact fetal development to varying degrees up to and including birth defects, premature or still birth, stroke, brain damage, respiratory failure, and many other medical and behavioral health issues throughout life. 


Graniteville's MaternAlly program assists at-risk pregnant women by providing safe and convenient long-term residential substance use treatment (up to 36 weeks) while connecting mothers with essential prenatal and maternal care. 

Every day counts

If you are pregnant and struggling with substance use, don't delay and reach out today! As a participant of MaternAlly you will work directly with a team of clinicians to develop a custom plan for you and your growing baby. Our dedicated team will assist you in getting connected with regular prenatal care, housing options, financial supports, legal supports, and more. 

Am I Eligible?

MaternAlly is appropriate up until 36 weeks of pregnancy and is medication assisted treatment (MAT) friendly.

Connect with our admissions department for more information.

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