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Holding Hands

Community-Based Recovery Support

Certified Recovery Specialists

Graniteville's community-based recovery services include direct one-on-one support from our Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS). Recovery Specialists are individuals with personal, lived experience of their own recovery; these individuals serve as a role model, mentor, advocate, and motivator to service recipients. Recovery Specialists focus on empowering strengths, respecting various avenues of recovery as they assists members in achieving their personal recovery goals. ​

Certified Recovery Specialists provide assistance with accessing and connecting resources to further personal recovery plans including but not limited to: education goals, transportation needs, vocational goals, social supports, financial planning, sober recreation, spiritual/cultural supports, wellness activities, and mutual self-help groups.



We work where you are. 

Housing or treatment status has no effect on your eligibility to enroll.

Our Recovery Specialists meet your needs at your convenience. 

Customized Care

Our Recovery Specialists work directly with you to develop a completely individualized plan to further your personal recovery goals. 

No Cost

As part of Pennsylvania's response to rising substance use trends, our Certified Recovery Specialists are available at no cost to adults enrolled in Pennsylvania Medicaid.

All stages of recovery

We meet you where you are.

Your recovery status has no effect on your eligibility to enroll in recovery support services.

Flexible Scheduling

Our community-based Recovery Specialists are able to flexibly schedule appointments around your lifestyle. Daily, weekly, or monthly scheduling is designed to meet your changing needs.

Completely Confidential

Your privacy is our top priority. Any information shared is held in confidence and is not subject to redisclosure without your express permission.

Enroll today!

We make getting help easy. Simply provide us with a few details so we can get started today!

 I acknowledge that this information may be used to verify insurance eligibility for enrollment consideration. 

Thank you! A team member will review this information and contact you shortly. Please feel free to call us at (570) 608-4051 for immediate needs.

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